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At Moulsham Junior School it is our INTENT to create Computing proficient pupils so that they are able to transfer Computing skills into other areas of learning. Pupils will be exposed to a range of Computing software and resources (apple and word) so that they are fully equipped for life outside of education. Pupils will also have an awareness of safe and responsible Computing use. The IMPACT of safe and responsible use will be to develop pupils who are emotionally aware of the effect their behaviour has on others (cyberbullying). Pupils will have strategies for coping and to be safety conscious. Pupils will be confident Computing users. The impact on our children is: clear progress, sustained learning and transferrable skills.  We intend to IMPLEMENT this through a broad and balanced curriculum where a love of learning is fostered. Pupils will be exposed to Computing software that is current and it will be keeping up with devices they also have at home. Children will be encouraged to explore and deepen their own learning.